Mapping San Francisco one Heroin Needle, Car Break-in and Feces at a Time

If you live in San Francisco, you're likely pretty familiar with walking past addicts shooting up heroin on the street, shattered car glass shards on the ground or homeless camps. If you live elsewhere and only hear about it on the news or from friends and family, it's hard to put it in perspective.

San Francisco is a city struggling with a multitude of social issues; from drug and alcohol abuse, crime rates and inequality. To better visualize some of these ongoing issues that San Franciscans face, we've pulled together various available data sources into the same map to try and see the problem as whole.

This map of San Francisco is a real time feed of the heroin needles, car-break-ins, feces and homeless camps as shared by locals or the city. Explore in more detail by dragging or zooming, then select a marker for more information and photos if available.

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