At Layercake Labs, we're fanatical about making data easier to understand and consume. Our team's expertise span data aggregation, visualization, and user experience. We're excited to bring technology to market that will enable seamless integration between the data and applications we use every day.


Robert Ries

Robert's holds degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology. Experienced with big data and managing engineering partnerships at The Nielsen Company on the West Coast. He leads strategy, design and development efforts at Layercake, bringing the vision to life. In his spare time, drives BMWs up and down the PCH.


Sam Steele

Sam is an expert in Systems Engineering. His experience with Highly Autonomous Driving systems at Bosch and professional motorsports has given him the necessary skills to make critical, high pressure decisions in a fast paced environment. In his spare time, Sam designed and built a spider robot for fun.

Ross2 Square - LI 2.jpg

Ross Otto

Ross is an expert in data visualization, mobile measurement and consumer research. He’s built multiple data platforms and apps at Nielsen and has grown them into successful business lines through his business development and product management skills. Ross leads our business and marketing verticals at Layercake.